Menominee Language Institute

Our mission is to provide the highest quality Menominee language instruction through a convergence of ancient and modern culture and to continue the education of current and future instructors.

The vision of the Menominee Language Institute is to make Menominee Language the first official language of the Menominee Reservation.

Student Pathways

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Six Week Certificate Program

This program is an introduction to the Menominee Language.  It will cover "the basics", starting with speaking and evolving into reading and writing.

Ten Day Basic Training

This intense, ten day program will employ the tactics of Total Physical Response (TPR).  The class will meet six hours per day for the entire ten day course.

Infuse Your Workplace with Menominee Language

Let us custom design a program to fit your work place.  We will come to your workplace to design a program to encourage speaking in your office.  This will be as intense and as long as you wish.  Call us up and let's work together.

Family Program

We'll come to your house or you can come to ours.  We can make a program to fit your life and your family's individual needs.

One Year Minor Program

Prerequisites - Ten Day Basic Training and/or Six Week Certificate

This program is designed for the serious language learner.  You will speak the Menominee Language fluently after completing this program.

Two Year Major Program

Prerequisites - One Year Minor Program

Year Two will focus more on students teaching the language (classroom management, curriculum design and implementation, etc.).  Students will gain a deeper understanding of linguistics.

Master's Program

This program is entirely based on speaking the Menominee Language spontaneously in a variety of situations.  This is a three month program with different objectives: transcribing, translating, reading, speaking, and living the language.